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Meal Plans

Simplicity is key. It can be a lot of homework checking / logging every food that you eat. Let our Meal Plans to do the work for you.

Track Your Progress


Starting and ending with an InBody scan will allow you to track your physical changes. Workouts, steps and leaderboards within our app keep you accountable.

How to sign-up (members only):


1. Open 'The Shed' app.

2. Book your InBody scan before 26/4:

- Press 'Book Appointment'.

- Select 'InBody Composition Scan' (solo or with a PT).

3. Add 'The Pledge' membership:

- Press 'Memberships'

- Press '+'

- Select 'The Pledge (autumn 2024)'


Our 6-week challenge with 3 Core Principles that will transform your health:

1. No sugar, veg oil or alcohol.

2. 12,000 steps per day.

3. At least 4 gym workouts per week.

Starting 29/4 (beginning of term 2)

Sign-up below by Friday 26/4.

Coach & Community

Check-in and direct message with your coach in the app. Share in the journeys of other members via the group. You are NOT alone.


Four different categories of winners with themed prizes allows for every individual to challenge themselves. After all, we all have different goals.

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