Why Take The Pledge?



 No sugar, vegetable oil or alcohol 


The detrimental effects of sugar have become mainstream knowledge in the last 10 years. Excessive sugar consumption increases your chances of obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease considerably. One of the key ways of keeping healthy through nutrition is to make sure that whatever calories are going in are loaded with vitamins and minerals that your body needs, the sad reality of foods high in sugar is that they have very low nutritional density per calorie. The effects of reducing this ingredient are nearly instant so we invite you to give your teeth, pancreas, inflammation and energy levels a rest from the battle to deal with all of that glucose!

 Vegetable Oil 

“I don’t use vegetable oil” - is that what you just thought? Unfortunately it isn’t that simple, the companies who make the foods that we eat (even the ‘healthy’ ones) use Vegetable Oil to speed up production, increase shelf life and balance out taste. We have obvious bad boys like deep fried foods, muffins and cake but even cheese, bread, cereal, protein bars, packaged or cured meats, nuts, dressings / gravies are all often loaded up with it!

Why is Vegetable Oil bad for me? It all has to do with how we extract oil from the original ingredient. Extracting oil from things like olives, avocados and nuts requires no chemical intervention and therefor their fatty-acid chemical structures are not mutated under high heats. Most seed and vegetable oils on the other hand require a chemical solvent or oil mill and they are often refined and chemically altered in the process. These mutated Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs) have never appeared naturally in our nutrition and therefor our bodies have not evolved to properly metabolise them.

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Like sugar, most of us are aware of the detrimental effects that alcohol can have on us. Alcohol is a highly addictive psychoactive ingredient that increases the chances of cancer, liver disease, depression and obesity. It’s minimal health benefits at very small doses are not worth the risk of being pulled into drinking excessively and those same benefits can be achieved with other healthy eating and lifestyle habits. We invite you to take control of your body and so NO to this ingredient for the next 42 days. Get ready to sleep better, increase your libido, lift your mental health and exercise with greater ease and performance.



 12,000 steps every day 

Walking: what could be more human! It is easy to forget that we are animals that are meant to move around, in the 2021 lockdown I had a lethargy in the first few weeks that I couldn’t explain. It was lucky that we had recently bought Johnny a Spiderman step counter and he was asking me how many steps I do per day. His uncle Henry religiously hits 20,000 per day and I knew when working that a normal day for me was between 10-15,000. I was shocked to see that I was averaging about half that during the lockdown and straight away I knew why I felt so lousy. Johnny, Tabs and I made a pledge to each other to hit 15,000 per day during the lockdown and immediately we felt better. The dogs were ecstatic, daily walks up the Gib stairs, more time outside with family and a good reason to take the bins out! Apart from the obvious mental health benefits associated with being outside, being active and spending more time with loved ones - walking regularly also offers a significant increase to our ‘incidental exercise’. A surprising amount of our calorie expenditure each day comes from incidental exercise and I have seen proof of this both in Henry’s blood sugar control from his long walks and also the change on the scales for myself when I doubled my daily step count and changed nothing else.

So make the commitment, pledge to at least 12k steps per day, enjoy your time with loved ones or pop in headphones and get some alone time with nature. After 6 weeks you will find this pledge not only easy to continue but it will change the way you think about walking.

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 4 gym visits every week 

We’ve all seen those Instagram videos of stunning trainers doing “at-home” or “10 minute bodyweight booty blaster” workouts and getting thousands of likes in the process. Perhaps we are secretly hoping that the level of leanness and tone they have achieved is possible with easier non-equipment based exercises… The reality is that these influencers are training like monsters in a gym somewhere. Apart from the equipment, a good gym (like The Shed of course) offers an environment for you to join like minded people for what it is all about; hard work. Keep your home as your sanctuary to relax and recharge, make the effort during your 6 week pledge to get here at least 4 times per week for meaningful and intense exercise. Your body will pay you back with less soreness, faster cardio recovery, stronger muscles and a lower body fat %.