Welcome to 3 Twelve 4

Just 3 steps to get started



Book your 2 blood tests

You will need to book 2 blood tests focusing on 'Cardiovascular Risk Markers', one for before the pledge starts (19/4) and the other for the week that it ends (w/c 29/5). Ask your GP to order;

- FBC (Full Blood Count)

- UEC (Urea Electrolytes creatinine - Kidney)

- LFT (Liver Function Test)

- Fasting Blood Sugar

- Lipids (Cholesterol)


Get a Pedometer or Smart Watch

To track your steps you'll need a pedometer or smart watch that links with your phone if you do not already have one.



Book your scan

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2, email us at info@theshedfitness.com.au with the results of your first blood test AND to book your InBody scan / Pledge Consultation to go over a plan of attack.