3 Twelve 4

Take a look at the judging criteria


Blood Tests

One of the best ways to track the effects of ditching Sugar, Vegetable Oil and Alcohol is with blood test data. So stay strong, replace these harmful ingredients with healthful nutrition and watch those markers improve after just 6 weeks.

Steps and Gym Visits

As part of your weekly updates you'll be asked to upload your step counts for the last 7 days. With this and our key fob gym software we can track your daily activity and gym visits. More activity equals more positive change.


InBody scan changes

The difference between '3 Twelve 4' and other gym challenges is our focus on health and lifestyle. We want this challenge to inspire you to make life-long changes that your entire family will benefit from. That being said, irrespective of weight-loss, your body is going to change if you embrace this pledge and we want to show you with our InBody composition analysis machine.

Helpful Interaction

So many of you love helping each other and a pledge like this is so much easier when it is a group effort. We encourage you to link up with other 'Pledge Takers' for workouts, walks, recipe sharing and celebration of milestones along the way. Make sure to tag us on instagram and Facebook so that we notice!