The Shed Fitness is about many things … health, fitness, nutrition, weight loss and long-term results.

In fact, at the Shed it’s all about your results. Whatever your goals are – weight loss goals; fitness goals, health goals; nutrition goals - we work to help you achieve and maintain them … for life.

Depending on your perception, there are a number of reasons why the Shed is called ‘The Shed’. Firstly we are ‘in a Shed’. Our name eloquently describes our surrounds … but we have added some creature comforts! Secondly, we pride ourselves on our results. Our clients are ‘shedding’ hundreds of kilos a year (collectively speaking) and are therefore affectionately known as ‘Shedders’. Our methods, while proven, ‘shed’ much needed light on some heavily ingrained nutrition and weight loss myths.

Unlike other gyms, our committed personal training sessions, unlimited studio access for clients, regular communication about your ongoing results and a ‘go to’ team that is always on your side, the Shed is more like a community. We work with you, on you, combining a regime of nutrition and personal training to get you the healthy lifestyle that you want. Just look at our amazing body of proof (pardon the pun) on 'Client Journeys' page.

If you’re looking for a ‘results-focused’ gym away from the crowds, boppy dance music and grunting mirror posers, The Shed was made for you.


Meet Harry and Henry


Manager / Personal Trainer

Manager / Personal Trainer

Harry and Henry have been running The Shed together for over 5 years and still work IN the business full time as Personal Trainers. Their passion for optimising plans with a long term focus has yielded many success stories and subsequently grown The Shed significantly since it's beginning.

Both are Cert III, IV in Fitness and CPR qualified with over 8 years experience.


Meet Jody


Personal Trainer

Jody started at The Shed as a client way back in 2012, after an incredible personal transformation she decided to join the Fitness industry and help others with their own journeys. Jody is particularly excellent at HIIT workouts and is a real hit with our female Shedders 🙂

Jody is Cert III, IV in Fitness and CPR qualified.

Meet Jack


Exercise Physiologist / Personal Trainer

Jack started with us at the beginning of 2017 and he has integrated in seamlessly. Jack's wealth of knowledge and awesome ability to resonate with and help our injured clients has proven incredibly valuable.

Jack has completed a BsC in Exercise Science and Masters as an Exercise Physiologist. Jack is also Cert III, IV in Fitness and CPR qualified.


Meet Phil


Personal Trainer

Phil started at The Shed way back in 2010 as a client as well! After completely changing his own body shape Phil decided he wanted to help others do the same. Phil has a knack for knowing how hard to push people and is particularly good at making exercise fun for our youngest Shedders!

Phil is Cert III, IV in Fitness and CPR qualified.

Meet David


Personal Trainer / Exercise Physiologist

David has been working as a PT for over 10 years and his experience in different fields (rehab, sports science, group training) is exceptional. Many of our older clients and clients with injuries, disabilities or illnesses train with David and they are in very safe and capable hands. Affectionately known as "Snowy" due to his polar bear hair, David is well equipped to guide you through safe and intelligent programming.

David has completed a BsC in Exercise Science and Masters as an Exercise Physiologist. Jack is also Cert III, IV in Fitness and CPR qualified.


Meet Sam


Personal Trainer

Sam started at The Shed as a client when he was just 16! A very talented tennis player and lover of all things Fitness, Sam made the wise decision to start his PT course in early 2017 and after exceeding expectations during his work experience with us we decided we would be crazy not to have him join the team. Don't let Sam's youth or devilish good looks fool you, his sessions and the classes he runs are TOUGH!

Sam is Cert III, IV in Fitness and CPR qualified.

Meet Brent


Personal Trainer

Brent started as a client many years ago and took such a liking to the environment that he switched careers from Real Estate to Fitness (with a bit of encouragement from us of course!) He is a a very committed and conscientious trainer who works his clients hard but is there to support them along the way."

Brent is Cert III, IV in Fitness and CPR qualified.